Benefits of Scanning

Access & Portability

The benefits of Scanning documents and files makes them easier to share and access from multiple locations, permitting home & field workers to get to the information they need. Documents such as Invoices or Proof of Delivery slips, when available as scanned images, can allow your staff to respond quickly to queries without having to resort to searching through paper files or microfilm records. The documents are available 24/7 not just when the office is open, enabling immediate replies to telephone (no need for call-backs!) or e-mail enquiries accompanied with an e-mailed image of the document in question.

Security & Control

Scanned images can be stored with password protection, providing security against unauthorised external access plus controlling access within your own organisation.

Disaster Recovery

Would your business cope in the event of a fire or flood? Can you afford to lose those valuable documents if they are filed incorrectly after use? Correctly backed-up data will be instantly available, minimising disruption to your business in the event of a ‘disaster’ or human error.

Space Saving

Reducing the amount of paper records stored through digitising your documents relieves pressure on valuable office space. Coupled with the removal of redundant specialist equipment, such as bulky microfilm reader/printers, will lead to an improved working environment for you and your staff.

Deterioration of Quality – Whether the information is currently on paper or microfilm there is a problem of deterioration of the original page. Paper can fade over time and be torn through excessive use. Microfilm can fade and be easily scratched rendering the information useless. A scanned image will not fade or deteriorate like paper and film.