How We Work

Document Scanning

At MISL we pride ourselves on how we work and the ability to offer a comprehensive document scanning service. We are able to output to all major formats such as TIFF, PDF, PDF searchable and OCR to Word format. Our document scanning service covers any size of document from a bus ticket right up to A0 and above oversized documents.

We offer all of our potential clients the opportunity to have a free sample of our document scanning carried out on their own documents. This allows clients to see the actual benefits of our service with their own documents, and the opportunity to sample the quality of images we can produce from even the poorest quality original documents. Whether you have large format drawings, lever arch files or simply piles and piles of paper we will carry out a sample for you to our normal standards and supply it back to you for evaluation on CD.

Process from collection of documents through to delivery back to the customer

One of our drivers, who all carry ID badges, will collect your documents from you in our unmarked vehicles. These documents can either be collected in your boxes, your filing cabinets or boxed up for you on site. We can even arrange a pre-delivery of our own marked boxes for you to prepare and box up documents yourselves. The documents are then transported back to our secure, CCTV covered premises where they are booked in, allocated a job reference and placed into our production scheduling software.

Preparation is where the document scanning process begins and any staples are removed, pages unfolded and any other obstacles overcome to enable a safe and efficient document scanning process.
Document scanning is carried out on one of our high speed scanners. Whilst this varies from job to job, we always select the best scanner for each particular job. We run High Speed Scan Optics scanners, high and medium speed Kodak Scanners, Canon Scanners, High Speed Panasonic Scanners and Epsom scanners. We also use a range of Drawing Scanners and Microfilm/Microfiche scanners. Image enhancements such as cropping, deskewing and despeckling can be included during the document scanning stage and to further ensure the best possible scan result we also utilise Kofax Virtual Rescan (VRS). We can scan black and white, grayscale and full colour or even mixed batches of documents thanks to the auto colour detect feature on our scanners.

Indexing of the scanned images ensures that they can be easily searched for and retrieved in the management system supplied back to customers. This process enables us to capture and index from any area of the image including any barcodes. The index data can be output to almost any format for importing into either a document management system, into our Web Retrieve system, or onto Excel or Access databases.

Quality control is the most essential of our processes and as an ISO 9001:2008 registered company our clients are assured that all work is individually and thoroughly quality checked to ensure the best possible image and index information is produced from our staff and equipment. We have a zero tolerance procedure and every image is quality checked by hand.

The final process of our document scanning service involves the transfer of all images and data to a suitable storage medium. Currently we use CD-R, DVD, encrypted hard disk (AES256 “Blowfish” Standard), USB pen drives or we can upload your images to our Web Retrieve software for instant online access from anywhere on the planet!

Finally, following delivery of the completed job, we store ALL scanned documents for a minimum period of 30 days following job completion. This paperwork is then either delivered back to customers, securely shredded (British Standard 15713:2009) or stored long-term based on customer preferences.

All completed jobs are electronically stored with us for a minimum period of 3 months following the completion of jobs for customer’s peace of mind, unless otherwise agreed.