Large Format Scanning

More than

Plans scanned every week (approx)

Professional Document Scanning Services


Large format scanning is an effective way to archive large scale plans, Maps & Drawings that would otherwise take up valuable office space and be hard to physically manage and update.

Large Format Document Scanning – A0 and A1

Items that we often scan include:

  • Oversized A0 by unlimited length scanned
  • Black & White, Greyscale or Colour for any size
  • Up to 600 dpi available, even in colour
  • Thick and delicate items scanned using non-contact rollers

High Capacity Production Facility

MISL is one of the best equipped bureaus in the country, we have invested in the latest large format document scanning equipment, scanning large format drawings and documents to the highest quality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to scan any size document and can achieve fast turnarounds on huge quantities of document scanning thanks to our large range of top end, specialist scanners. Our large format scanning service is known throughout the UK as being arguably the best available, mainly due to the fact we can scan any size but also because of our competitive pricing structure.

Save Space & Be Protected

Is your office quickly running out of space? Are you about to take on a new employee and you need to make room? Our document scanning systems are here to help, we can scan all of your documents so that they can still be viewed at work, without having to physically be in the office wasting space. Scanning your valuable documents, and even not so valuable documents, ensures that should anything happen you are protected. Even if you have insurance, that doesn’t mean you will be able to get back the valuable information contained in the documents that were lost during the break in, fire or other such incident. Taking advantage of our large format scanning service, whether it be for map scanning or any other such document, will mean that the information stored on the document is always there – providing a unique peace of mind.

For further information about our large format scanning solutions, use the form below and one of the team will call you back, email us: or call on 01992 470060.