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Where Are We At? 

As the government eases the rules regarding lockdown in the UK, and although it has been suggested people can return to work, MISL are currently not in a position to bring any more employee’s back due to incredibly low workloads. If you have any questions or concerns please call into the office. have the following guidance on what you can and can’t do:

Update from The Royal Free:

The Royal Free have sent us an official letter that states we are a ‘Critical Supplier’

This can be downloaded HERE in case you need it:

 Company Update:

As you are all aware, the current situation for the business during this pandemic is proving to be a difficult and testing time for us all.

We are still waiting on certain financial help to hopefully see us through these coming months. I apologise that your recent wages were staggered across the month and I understand that this can’t be easy for you especially at times like these.  

What this has enabled us to do, is keep the business as financially stable as possible with the end goal being to keep you all in employment in the coming months and MISL’s future, with this in mind we may have to continue staggered payments for the next 2/3 months until we are in a stronger position to return things to normal.

Thank you for your patience, loyalty and hard work.

Terry Harvey.

Holiday Entitlement & Usage:

Over the past few months all employees have continued to accrue their annual leave entitlement whether they have been working, or furloughed. For operational and production purposes the company has made the decision that all furloughed staff must take 2 weeks annual leave by the end of July, all staff that are currently on the Furlough Scheme will receive a letter in the post with further details.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to allow people to return from furlough and expect to use their full years entitlement in a very short space of time, this would leave us too short staffed and have a detrimental effect on the business.

We hope you all understand the need for us to do this and appreciate your understanding.

National Lottery Syndicate:


This has currently been put on hold until further notice.