Throughout 2020 we’ve all noticed a complete shift in people’s attitude towards how and where we work. Many businesses have had to take a much closer look at their existing processes, review the physical needs and requirements of their staff and premises.

With all of this happening in the midst of a global situation, there have been high levels of concern and uncertainty across all areas, with many questions raised and only some answered. Hundreds and thousands of people were suddenly expected to work from home, and for many this was possible and indeed welcomed!

But, what did this mean for businesses who still foster traditional methods of communication? Call centres with longer wait times, mail rooms with fewer staff and mountains of letters and forms – but no-one to pass them to.

As organisations pivot and shift their processes to allow more staff flexible working options, it is clear that some transitions are easily made – we’re all now very well experienced with team meetings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams!

But what about our customers? Have they changed? Have they adapted? Or do they still expect a call centre response? A form to fill in? And what happens to that form now? Where does it go and what happens when it gets there?

Some businesses, industries, teams and processes have adapted quickly, and many were already on the path towards a purely digital transaction process. But for some, the traditional mail room is still a reality, a part of the process that requires human intervention, and for them it doesn’t have to be.

If your business is handling claim forms through your own post room, talk to us today about how we can manage this resource, digitise critical business documents and reduce manual touchpoints, enabling you to process claims quickly and efficiently, speeding up the process so you can get paid quicker.