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De-clutter and digitise your workplace with MISL Total Document Management

Steamline your workplace with MISL’s array of Document Management solutions. We help to de-clutter workplaces by digitising documents, reducing the need for physical storage and allowing for quick and easy accessibility from anywhere in the world.

Increasing productivity with streamlined solutions

At MISL Total Document Management, we aim to empower businesses to go paperless and achieve streamlined, efficient, and secure document management. Through our expert document scanning, storage, and destruction services, we help companies enhance productivity, reduce clutter, and prioritise data security. Join us in creating a more organised, sustainable, and paperless future for businesses.

What does is mean to digitise a document?

Digitising a document simply means coverting a physical document, such as a paper document or microfilm, into a digital format that can be stored, managed and accessed electronically on a computer or other digital device.

Our scanners use optical sensors to capture the image of a document, which is then converted into a digital file, typically in the TIFF format.

How do I access my digitised documents?

Documents scanned can be held in our secure digital repository, giving the security of off-site storage and viewed using our MISL-Files remote system. All the communications are carried out using the same secure server technology that many banks use for online transactions, ensuring that all confidential information is transmitted in an encrypted form. Each document type can be protected with further levels of passwords.

Can you scan old or fragile documents?

Yes. By using flat-bed scanners, greyscale and colour scanning, even the most delicate or poor-quality documents can translate into good electronic images.

This also applied to cusoments with staples, clips and bindings. As part of our preparation process, we remove anything that may interfere with scanning or get in the way of a clear digital image. If needed, files can be 'de-prepped' after scanning so they can be returned to you in the same groupings as they were in when they arrived.

Do you offer a searchable database for my documents?

Access to our searchable database can be supplied. The creation of a searchable database of document content is also called indexing.

There are different options when it comes to providing you with a searchable database, which are all discussed and pre-planned with you before the work begins.

What type of quality control do you undergo?

Before being scanned, physcial images go through an extensive preparation process to ensure that all information is clear and all edges are as straight as possible.

During the scanning process, our operatives de-speckle, straighten and ensure visible page edges are removed.

Once scanned, your digital documents are passed through our production team who ensure that all files are correctly formatted and are presented in a good quality.

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