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Our Destruction Process

Our document destruction process is designed to ensure that any confidential or sensitive data held in physical form is destroyed in a secure and compliant manner. The process is divided into two parts – the first is managed by our Bureau team and the second by our Warehouse team.

The Bureau team is responsible for managing shredding requests and creating the necessary paperwork. Once a consignment’s retention period has expired, or a request has been placed, an authorisation form is sent to the client for their approval. Once authorised, the Bureau team sends the form to our Warehouse team and the process moves to the second stage.

The Warehouse team then arranges for the authorised boxes to be moved from storage to the destruction area. The pallets are wrapped in shrink wrap, and our disposal partner is contacted to collect and dispose of the boxes. Once the boxes are destroyed, a ticket is received from the disposal partner, which is then sent to the Bureau team for filing.

Throughout the process, all relevant paperwork is saved to our secure server, and all movements of the consignment are tracked using our MISL Tracking App. This process is designed to ensure complete confidentiality and compliance with relevant regulations.

Assured Destruction Security

At MISL, we take the security and confidentiality of your documents seriously. That’s why we follow the guidelines set out in BS-EN-15713, a British standard for secure destruction of confidential materials. This standard outlines the requirements for the secure disposal of confidential materials, including the handling of the materials, the secure storage of the materials before destruction, and the process of destroying the materials. By following this standard, we ensure that your confidential documents are securely handled and destroyed in a way that meets the highest industry standards.

The BS-EN-15713 standard specifies the minimum requirements for the secure disposal of confidential materials, including paper documents, electronic media, and other confidential materials. The standard outlines the procedures that need to be followed to ensure that the materials are securely handled and destroyed, including the security measures that need to be in place during transportation, storage, and destruction. It also specifies the qualifications and training required for personnel involved in the process, as well as the documentation and reporting requirements that need to be met. By adhering to this standard, we can guarantee that your confidential materials are handled and destroyed in a secure and professional manner.

MISL Secure Document Destruction

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