Client Portals

File Management Portals

Access to our File Management Client Portals, MISL Files and MISL Online.

MISL Client Portals - MISL Files

MISL Files is our secure FTP server, allowing for advanced file management including file retrieval and structuring. You can access scanned MISL Files from anywhere with an internet connection and log in using your unique user credentials. MISL Files allows search by file name allowing for easy navigation.

MISL Client Portals - MISL Online

MISL Online is our advanced indexing solution for file viewing. Our indexing allows for file searches by keywords, dates, or other releevant information determined by you. MISL Online is the simplest answer to locating stored files in a way that suits you and your company.

Remote Support Tool

Download our remote support tool if you are experiencing issues with our MISL Client Portals or Document Management Services. 

*if you have not been instructed to install this tool by a member of our technical support team, please call and arrange the support beforehand. Dial 01992 470 060 and select option 3 to speak with our technical support team.

MISL Client Portals - Remote Support Tool

If you are one of our Document Management or IT Services customers, please find below the download link to our Remote Support tool. This tool will place you in our support queue and allows our technicians to remotely connect to your machine to help resolve any problem(s) you may have.

Having trouble?

If you need assistance with any of our client portals, please let our support team know by completing the form below, or by dialing 01992 470 060 and selecting option 3 for technical support.