Microfiche Scanning

MISL’s Microfiche Scanning Service.

Streamline your document management with MISL’s Microfiche Scanning Service, ensuring efficient digitisation and accessibility for all your microfilm materials.

An Introduction to Microfiche Scanning.

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Purposeful Digitisation.

Our Microfiche Scanning service transforms your microfilm records into digital formats, facilitating quick retrieval and eliminating the constraints of physical storage.

Who is it for?

Ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries, our service caters to organisations looking to transition from traditional microfilm systems to modern, digitised solutions.

The Benefits.

A swift transition from traditional microfiche records to enhanced digital accessibility. Ideal for businesses seeking streamlined document management, our service provides instant access and sharing capabilities. Experience the benefits of space efficiency as physical storage constraints become a thing of the past. Improve workflow efficiency by simplifying document retrieval processes with our cutting-edge microfiche solutions.

MISL Microfiche Microfilm Scanning

Microfiche Scanning Equipment.

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MISL Microfiche Scanning Equipment

SunRise Apollo Microfiche Scanner

At MISL, we trust in the SunRise Apollo Microfiche Scanner to deliver superior results.

This industry-leading scanner excels in versatility, capable of handling various fiche types, including Jacketed fiche, Diazo, step and repeat, and Computer Output Microfilm (COM). Its exceptional film reduction ratios, paired with a high-quality Nikon lens, ensure unparalleled sharpness and clarity in digitising microfiche images. Our commitment to user-friendly solutions is reflected in the scanner’s easy setup, while the ScanFlo Software, seamlessly integrated, enhances precision, providing a range of settings and output formats. Whether you’re dealing with large, high-speed microfilm images or small, finely detailed ones, the SunRise Apollo Microfiche Scanner, a market leader, guarantees optimal performance in every scanning scenario.

Trust MISL for a reliable microfiche scanning experience, where cutting-edge technology meets your document management needs with precision and efficiency.

Microfiche Scanning FAQs

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What is microfiche scanning, and why do I need it?

The process of converting microfiche documents into digital formats for improved accessibility. This service is essential for businesses aiming to transition from traditional, space-consuming microfiche records to more efficient and accessible digital formats.

Who can benefit from MISL's Microfiche Scanning Service?

Our service caters to a broad range of industries and businesses that rely on microfiche records. Whether you're a historical archive, a library, or a company with vast document repositories, our scanning service enhances accessibility, streamlines management processes, and optimises workflow efficiency.

How does microfiche scanning improve workflow?

The service significantly improves workflow by enabling instant access to digitised records. This eliminates the time-consuming manual retrieval process associated with traditional microfiche, allowing for quicker and more efficient document management.

What equipment does MISL use for microfiche, and why?

MISL utilises the SunRise Apollo Microfiche Scanner, a market-leading device known for its versatility and precision. This scanner accommodates various fiche types, provides excellent reduction ratios, and incorporates a high-quality Nikon lens for sharp and clear image capture. The integration with ScanFlo Software ensures accurate and customisable digitisation.

Is the process secure, and how does MISL protect sensitive information?

Yes, microfiche scanning at MISL prioritises the security of your sensitive information. Our processes adhere to industry-standard security protocols, including data encryption and access controls. We prioritise the confidentiality and integrity of your documents throughout the entire scanning and digitisation journey.

Microfiche Scanning -FAQ

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