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We offer a huge selection of solutions when it comes to Document Management and digitisation of your records, through to a fully Managed IT Services package.

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Can you scan old or fragile documents?

Using flat-bed scanners, greyscale and colour scanning, even the most delicate or poor quality documents can translate into good electronic images


Can you scan documents full of staples, clips and bindings?

 Yes, by removing the staples etc. as part of our preparation process. Documents are usually “Deprepped” after scanning to replace clips, staples etc. so they can be returned to our client exactly as they arrived.

What is Document Imaging and Management?

Paper and electronic documents are at the root of our modern business environment. Document Management provides information retrieval when and where it is needed.

Document Management means being able to store, sort, index, and combine these information containers for easy retrieval.

In which formats can I export documents?

A. It depends on the imaging system. Common graphical formats you may need include TIFF III, TIFF

What happens if I need a document when you have it for scanning?

A. If you need a document that is in our care for scanning, simply drop us an email or give us a call and we will find it, scan it (if not already scanned), and email it to you. If you need the original paper file back, we will get it to you using our own delivery vehicles – for both services the document is guaranteed back on your desk within 24hrs.


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